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Prune Us!

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I got this message today from a friend that loves Jesus. She does not go to my church, but she knows what is going on and took the time to write this to me. It was SUCH an encouragement. It means so much to know there are SO many praying for us and rooting for Jesus to lovingly prune us back so that we can be healthy.

“Healthy things grow, growing things change and change will always bring challenge. God’s pruning, though painful at times, is necessary for our growth. You were on my heart as I worked in the garden this morning. If anyone makes man their god they will be shaken when man falls, but those who serve vigorously with a pure heart will stay rooted like a tree planted by the river’s edge shouting: ‘I shall not be moved.’ Do not allow man to move you out of position. God sees you and what is for you will still be. Let the walls crumble around you as you kneel praying, ‘Worthy! God in all you are still worthy!’ I do not like to cut back flowers. They ‘look’ so beautiful but they become overgrown and out of control and the root system can become suffocated. While it appears healthy, if not pruned it will die. Praying for you during this seasons of growth. Love you, my friend.”


1 thought on “Prune Us!”

  1. To this beautiful thought I would like to add: I know (and deeply love) good and godly people that have chosen to leave after prayer and time seeking answers, counsel and God’s plan for themselves and/or their family. Just because we are led to stay, it does not mean those that have left were not led to do so by the Holy Spirit either. We are not all called to the same response.

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