be thou my vision

day 2: Naught Be All Else

Day 2 Naught Be All Else

“Naught be all else to me, save that thou art.”

Don’t be anything else to me, but who you are. Almost two weeks ago (looks like this series will be more spread out than I thought), we talked about what it looks like to invite Jesus to be the Lord of our heart. Today I see this part of the hymn as a cry of the heart: “Who you are is more than enough for me, Jesus.”

Is Jesus enough for you?

I have experienced seasons of my life where my vision was blurred and where I believed that Jesus wasn’t enough for me. Where I forgot who He was and what He had done. Where the wonder wore off and the excitement and passion faded. In those seasons I suffered greatly under the lie that other things would bring me satisfaction and fulfillment and peace.

As Jason and I have led small groups these last few years, we’ve seen the same lie take root in the hearts of some of the people we love. It’s devastating to watch someone who previously loved Jesus, who proclaimed His goodness and grace, fall into the web of lies that Satan weaves and to exchange the goodness of God for a false god. Just like in the garden with Eve, the Father of Lies comes and whispers, “Did God really say…?”

And the doubt begins. Did God really say He would be with you? Did God really promise hope and joy and peace? He’s withholding ______ from you. He’ll never come through. You should go for it on your own.

Jesus, today my prayer is that each day I would take the time to study and remember and talk about who you are. What you accomplished on my behalf. The lengths that you went to in order that I would be yours. Your perfect and finished work on the cross. How focused and faithful you were. That my affections would be stirred for YOU and that knowing you would cause me to love you with all my heart. You are enough. You are more than enough.

“Naught be all else to me save that thou art.”

Is Jesus enough for you? If you don’t “feel” like He is, what truth about Him do you need to discover or be reminded of today? I submit to you that you’re not lacking a sufficient Savior, but lacking sufficient knowledge in your head and heart about who He is. Praying that today those gaps will be filled.


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